picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Renew a server certificate

The easier way to renew a certificate is to use the link provided in the reminder emails. They are sent regularly during the weeks preceding the expiration of your certificate.

Otherwise click here.

According to the server software you are using you'll have to (or not) regenerate a CSR.

Access the renewal form (the link is sent by e-mail). A new CSR will be requested only if needed (in that case you'll have to crete a new couple of private/publi keys and a new CSR).

Generate your CSR from your server

You will find here the instructions to help you create a CSR:Obtain a server certificate.

Before renewing your certificate: If you have changed your server software since your certificate issuance and without reissuance (see Reissuance), you are invited to reissue your certificate toward your current software. You'll see if you are is this situation on the renewal form: the server software indicated is not the one you are currently using.

Once your CSR generated on your platform, open the file with a text editor such as notepad and copy/paste its content in our order form.

To do so, go on your certificate status page (you'll find its URL in the delivery email) and click on the "Renew" button. Paste the CSR in the form. If you can't access your status page,click here.

Use Keybot to generate your CSR

You can also use our tool Keybot to generate your CSR instead of doing so from your server. It is available on the order form. It generates the CSR (that is sent to us) and the associated private key (that you must download). All there is to know about Keybot.