picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Keybot: the tool that lightens technical processes of your SSL certificates orders

TBS INTERNET provides a tool that will help quicken, ease and lighten the oder process of your SSL certificates.

Digital certification can be, as soon as the order deposit, complicated. That is the reason why we developed keybot which goal is to manage the generation of your private key and CSR and to send us the elements required to your SSL certificate creation.

WARNING: List of software that are not compatible with Keybot.

Order deposit with Keybot

Choix de la méthode, manuelle ou automatique

To submit your "Certificate request file" (CSR), two options are offered, either the manual method or the automatic method.

  • Manual : In order to paste a CSR you have previously generated on your server

  • Automatic : Done by Keybot, this service (free) generate the private key and CSR and send the latter to us. Just click on the "Generate CSR" button.
CSR: Méthode manuelle

You clicked on "Manual"

In that case a text box allowing you to paste the CSR that you previously generated from your server appears. Follow then the "classical" procedure.

CSR: Méthode automatique

You clicked on "Automatic"

After clicking on the "Generate CSR" button, a window opens. Here, enter the CSR information (the form is filled-in with the information of the account holder by default). Edit what needs to be edited then go to the key information.

Define a password for your private key, then select a key length.

Then, click on "Generate".

Please note: Keybot only generate RSA private keys / CSR.


Download the private key

A window opens and, if everything went well, confirms that the private key and the CSR have been correctly generated.

Téléchargement du fichier

At this moment the download of your private key starts automatically. If this is not the case click on the link proposed to recover your private key (.PKEY file), and store it in a place of your choice.

Retrieve the certificate and the private key with keybot

When you sent us your CSR via the automatic method, an encrypted private key was given to you (.PKEY file). file).

As set out in your e-mail, you can go to the status page of your order of certificate.

Two scenarios:

Générer PFX / PEM
  • You want a PFX or P12 file (#PKCS12 file), or PEM file:
    Click on the "Generate PFX / PEM" new buttonfrom the status page of your certificate. A popup opens asking you to select your private key (.pkey file) and its password. Click on "Generate" and save your pfx new file.
  • You want your certificate in another format:
    In that case, as for a classic order, go to the status page of your certificate then click on "See the certificate". A popup opens and offers you different links at the top on the left. You can choose the file which interests you, (usually a .p7b file containing the certificate and the certification chain).

    If you need your private key in a not protected PEM format, see our FAQ to use OpenSSL to convert a .pkey into a .key (private key without password)

Which products are concerned?

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