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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Keybot: the tool that lightens technical processes of your SSL certificates orders

TBS INTERNET provides a tool that will help quicken, ease and lighten the oder process of your SSL certificates.

Digital certification can be, as soon as the order deposit, complicated. That is the reason why we inaugurates keybot which goal is to manage the generation of your private key and CSR and to send us the elements required to your SSL certificate creation.

WARNING: List of software that are not compatible with Keybot.

Order deposit with Keybot

New elements are available on the order form at the step "Certificate request file". 2 options are offered:

  • Manual: in order to paste a CSR you have previously generated on your server

  • Automatic: Done by Keybot, this service (free) generate the private key and CSR and send the latter to us. Just click on the "Generate CSR" button.

You clicked on "Manual"

In that case, the area, where you will paste the CSR you generated on your server, reappears. Follow then the "classical" procedure.

You clicked on "Automatic"

You clicked on "Automatic" After clicking on the "Generate CSR" button, a window opens. Here, enter the CSR information (the form is filled-in with the information of the account holder by default). Edit what needs to be edited then go to the key information.

Define a password for your private key, then select a lenght and an option for th key recovering:

  • Now download the private key immediately and save it carefully (.pkey file protected by the password you defined earlier).

  • Upon certificate delivery: your key will be delivered along with the certificate. Warning: We only store the private for 24 hours. After this timeframe, the key will be lost and you will have to reissue your certificate with a new private key and CSR.

Then, click on "Generate".

Please note: Keybot only generate RSA private keys / CSR.

Download the private key

You clicked on "Upon certificate delivery":

a window opens and, if everything went well, confirms that the private key and the CSR have been correctly generated, that the key has been stored and that the CSR has been sent to us for the order process.

Your private key will be delivered with the certificate.

You clicked on "Now":

A window opens to allow you to download the private key (.PKEY file).

Retrieve the certificate and the private key with keybot

You downloaded the private key during the certificate order (.PKEY file)
("Download the private key": "now")

Go on the certificate's status page.

2 scenario:

  • You want a PFX or P12 file (#PKCS12 file):
    In that case, on your certificate status page, click on the "Generate PFX" button. A popup opens asking you to select your private key (.pkey file yousaved during the certificate order), its password and information about you futur PFX file. Click on "Generate" and save your pfx file.

  • Install / Import the certificate and its private key in PEm format:
    Go on your certificate's status page, click on "See the certificate" and download the certificate in the wanted format (usually a .p7b file containing the certificate and the certification chain).

    If you need your private key in a not protected PEM format, see our FAQ to use OpenSSL to convert a .pkey into a .key (private key without password)

You choose private key storage
("Download the private key" : "upon certificate delivery")

In that case, and as indicated on the delivery e-mail, you have to go on you certificate's status page to generate a .pfx. The .pfx contain the certificate, the certification chain and the private key.

A new button appears

Click on the "Generate PFX" button to obtain your certificate, the certification chai and the private key.

Générate your .pfx

To get you .pfx or .p12 file, provide the private key password (defined during the order).

Then define a password for the .pfx file and enter a name for this file.

Once it is done, click on "Generate" and download your file.

Then install your certificate!

Which products are concerned?

For now, Keybot is only available on some server products.

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