picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for a client certificate with our KEYBOT tool

Our online tool "Keybot" to generate a private key and a CSR automatically is now usable with client certificates (being usable only for server certificates before). Here's how:

  • Go to our order form

  • In the "Certificate request file" section, click on "Automatic" and on "Generate CSR"

  • On the pop-up that appears, fill in the requested fields:

    Example for a TBS X509 Email Professional

    The fields may differ according to the certificate selected.

  • Check the box concerning the acknowledgment of warnings and click on "Generate"

From there, you will be able to download your private key in .pkey format. This key must be kept very carefully because it will be used to generate your certificate in PFX / P12 format and then import it into your browser or operating system.

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