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VMC certificates comparison

The Verified Mark Certificates enable your logo to be displayed next to your organization's name in the sender information of your e-mails.

Note that several pre-requisites must be meet in order to obtain a VMC certificate. All you need to know about VMC certificates.

VMC certificates

multi-year plan
DigiCert VMC
Price (1 year) £1,140
Number of logo per certificate (1) 1
Additional SAN (2) £380
Additional wildcard SAN (2) -
Average delivery time (3) 10 business days
Warranty $0
Free reissue(4) Lifetime
Money back guarantee 30 days
Data Sheet
(1): A certificate needs to be purchased for each logo you might want to display
(2): Get further information about the specific management of those SANs.
(3): Indicative delivery times that can be impacted by occasional disruptions. Consult the up-to-date situation of each supplier
(4): The logo cannot be modified via reissuance
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