picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Renew a digital certificate

Any certificate has an expiration date. The technical contact receives reminder e-mails from 90-days before the certificate expiration holding proposals for the product renewal.

Make sure this e-mail comes from TBS INTERNET! You might receive similar offers to renew your certificate with a lower quality product and/or migrate your domain name on an other registrar...

Our e-mail comes from or and the links it carries aims or website pages, such as:

  • a link to renew identically
  • a link to renew with modifications
  • a link not to renew and to stop receiving reminder e-mails

If the technical contact has changed or if the corresponding e-mail address does not exist anymore, contact us to update your information.

We will get back to you by phone 4 weeks before the expiration if we did not receive your renewal request or if you did not click the non-renewal link.

Anniversary date conservation

There are mechanisms to preserve the expiration date of the certificate which can be taken into account by the new certificate in order not to loose validity days, even if the renewal is requested 90 days before expiration!

The anniversary date is preserved during the renewal process for all certificates with the exception of:

  • Harica products
  • ChamberSign products
  • Certigna products
  • DigiCert client certificates

For the other 1 year valid certificate products a deferred process mechanism has been created in order to keep the anniversary date.deferred process mechanism has been created in order to keep the anniversary date.

Renewal of an expired certificate

All the Certification Authority we work with, except for GlobalSign, authorize the renewal of a certificate that has expired within the last 30 days. Beyond that limit a new certificate will have to be ordered.

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