picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Obtain a code signing certificate (code signing for applications)

Why to digitaly sign a program with a recognized certificate?

With a code signing certificate you'll be able to sign apps, components or plug-ins that will then be deployed on exploitation systems (Windows, Linux, IOS, Android...) or as modules.

Now, to enhance security and keep users' trust, software signing authenticates the software editor ant to make sure the program has not been modified/hacked during its installation and/or use.

Nowadays, systems increasingly recommend or require signed software in order to have the best integrity guarantee while authenticating malevolent actions (Malware, virus...).

That is the reason why a program signed with a code signing certificate does not trigger security alerts informing the editor ID is not known.

Digitally sign apps for Windows, Apple IOs,Android, Google Play...

Procedure to get a certificate:

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