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picture of tbs certificates
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Request a Microsoft Authenticode or VB (multiple-platforms) certificate

To request a Microsoft, or Visual Basic (VB), Visual Studio (VS), ... (multiple-platforms) developer certificate, you need to use Internet Explorer.

With Internet Explorer 5.5 to 6 (or 7 under XP):

Through the certificate order form, your browser will generate the private key under the form of a .pvk file. When you'll install the certificate, you'll get the .spc file.

Note the path to the .pvk file that you have chosen on the order form..

With Internet Explorer 7 under Vista, IE8, IE9 or IE10:

When filling the order form, your browser will generate a private key that will be stored in the Windows registry (certificates registry). There is no .pvk file anymore. When you'll install the certificate, it will b installed in the Windows registry (visible via the MMC). There won't be .spc file anymore.

How to choose a Code Signing certificate for Microsoft Authenticode:

Once your certificate delivered:
To prevent expiration issues you neeed to apply a timestamp to your digital signature (see timestamping in Microsoft documentation).

CSR manual generation

If you weren't able to automatically generate your CSR with Internet Explorer during your order and have to send a CSR, you use our tool (documentation) to generate it with Internet Explorer.