picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Request a Microsoft Authenticode or VB (multiple-platforms) certificate

To request a Microsoft code signing Certificate, you can use our Keybot tool to generate a private key and CSR automatically during the ordering process. Here is a link on how Keybot works: Generate a CSR for a code signing/client certificate with our KEYBOT tool

How to choose a Code Signing certificate for Microsoft Authenticode:

  • To sign an application, an executable, or a 32 or 64 bit windows library (.EXE/.MSI/.DLL), you need a Globalsign code signing certificate : see our comparative table below in "Prices and online ordering".

  • If you want to sign Windows drivers, you must use Globalsign. It is also the latter that you must choose for signing for Windows RT.

  • If you want to maximize your Smartscreen, as soon as you deploy your certificate, we also recommend the Globalsign EV code signing Certificate.

  • Prices and order form

Once your certificate delivered:

In order not to worry about expiration, you have to make a signature with timestamp (see time stamping in the Microsoft documentation).

Windows 10 (and higher) and Microsoft Edge case

You'll have to enable the "IE mode". To do so:

  • open a new tab
  • right click the tab and select the "internet explorer mode"

Consult a complete documentation regarding the IE mode .

CSR manual generation

If you were not able to automatically generate your CSR with Internet Explorer at the time of application and need to provide a CSR, you can use our tool (documentation) to generate it with Internet Explorer.

For cases where you do not have access to Internet Explorer, you can also generate private keys and CSRs using Windows tools:

ATTENTION: the information below is now obsolete following the end of the support of "certEnroll" in our order form.

With Internet Explorer 5.5 to 6 (or 7 under XP):

Using the certificate request form, your browser will generate the private key as a file.pvk.When you install the certificate, you will get the file .spc.

Note the path to the .pvk that you choose on the order form file.

With Internet Explorer 7 to 11 (Starting from Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008)

Using the certificate request form, your browser will generate a private key in the registry (certificate database). There is no more .pvk. When you install the certificate, it will be installed in the registry (visible via the MMC). There will be no more.spc.

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