picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate on WHM 11.54-56

To install your certificate, you must have your certificat as a X509 base-64 file (.cer) and your certificate chain (downloadable with a .txt extension from your certificate status page). You must also have your private key, either by having generated it from WHM or by having it in the base-64 pem format, unencrypted (files generated with Keybot must be deciphered ).

Install a certificate

  • On your WHM home page, select SSL/TLS - Install an SSL Certificate on a domain.
    WHM Home page
  • This form will auto-complete boxes depending on your input.
  • If you have already installed your certificate and just want to enable it, you can click on Browse Certificates.
  • Enter your domain in the Domainbox. You may also select the IP address that will serve the certificate.
    Certificate Install 01
  • You can notice three text fields:Certificate in which you can paste your certificate (X509 .cer from your status page), Private Key which will be auto-filled if you generated the private key using WHM. If you generated the key on another computer, you can paste it in this field. In the third field, Certificate Authority Bundle, you must paste your certificate chain (.txt from your status page).
    Certificate Install 02
  • Click on Install and your certificate will be installed and enabled.

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