picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR with WHM 11.54-56

Private key and CSR generation

  • To generate a CSR with WHM, connect to your WHM home page, select SSL/TLS - Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request. You will reach the CSR generation page
    WHM home
  • In the private key options, select a key size of at least 2048bits. It is also the recommended key size. If you cannot select a sufficient size, you will need to go back to the SSL Manager, and manually generate a key from the link Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.
  • Then, fill in your CSR information:
    • Domains: Enter your main domain. For multiple domains, our website's form will define your future certificate. However, we recommend entering the full domain list here for management purposes.
    • City: Enter your organization headquarters' city.
    • State: Enter your state/province/département.
    • Country: Enter your ISO 3166 two letter country code, i.e. FR for france, GB for the United Kingdom. It is preferable to use uppercase characters.
    • Company Name : Enter here your organization legal name (not its commercial name or acronym), preferably in uppercase.
    • Company Division: If not needed, we recommend leaving this field empty, or enter a generic value such as "IT Services".
    • Email: This field will not be used.
    CSR Form 01

    CSR form 02

    CSR Form 03
  • Leave the passphrase field empty. This field will not be used and is not supported. We recommend using the email transport feature only if you can assure its security.
  • Once the information entered and checked, you can click on Create.
  • A summary screen will display your CSR and its essential information.

CSR and key management

You can find and manage your keys in the SSL Storage Manager, in the section SSL/TLS. You files are stored in the following folders:

  • CSR : /var/cpanel/ssl/system/csrs
  • Certificats : /var/cpanel/ssl/system/certs
  • Clés privées : /var/cpanel/ssl/system/keys

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