picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate on cPanel 11.54-56

To install you certificate you will need your certificate (X509 .cer/.crt format) and your certificate chain (downloadable with the .txt extension on your certificate status page). You will also need the private key, either by having generated it from cPanel, or by having it, as a pem non-encrypted (keys generated with keybot must be deciphered).

Install a certificate

  • On your cPanel home page, select Security - SSL/TLS.
    cPanel home
  • You can now access the SSL Manager. Click on Generate, view, upload or delete SSL certificates.
    SSL Manager
  • Paste you certificate in the text field and click on Save Certificate or select the X509 certificate .cer file via the Browse button and click on Upload Certificate.
    Certificate upload dialog
  • Your certificate is now installed

Import a private key

If you haven't generated your private key with cPanel, you can import it manually.

  • Access the SSL Manager then click on Generate, view, upload or delete your private keys.
    SSL Manager
  • Click on the quick link or scroll down to the Upload a New Private Key section.
    Private key upload dialog
  • Paste your private key and click on Save or select the file with the Browse button and click on Upload.
  • Your private key has now been imported and you can install your certificate.

Enable a certificate

  • Connect to the SSL Manager then click on Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site.
  • You can:
    • Either search by domain, only if you only have one certificate with this name.
    • Or directly select it in a certificate list.
  • The fields Certificate and Private Key will be filled
  • Paste the content of your certificate chain file (.txt from your certificate status page) in the field Certificate Authority Bundle.
  • Click on Install.
  • Your certificate has now been enabled on your site.

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