picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Certificates classes

We usualy categorize certificates by their classes. They give indication on the certificates security level according to the validation process they are subjected to.

Class 1

Those certificates are delivered without any prior verification.

One can distinguish:

  • Server certificate: only aDCV challenge validation is required. Those products are also known as domain-validated or low authentication certificates.

    We provide this kind of product for the sucuring of showcase websites that do not collect any information online. Google favoring the positionnement of websites accessible in HTTPS, Quick and Dirty SSL certificate is an ok option to comply with Google security requirements.

    Why are Domain-Validated certificates dangerous?

  • Client certificate: only the e-mail address of the certificate's owner has been checked (we make sure the certificate is delivered to the rightful owner of the e-mail address). The DigiCert Email Novice certificate is one of those.

Class 2

Before delivering this king of certificate, we check the organization. The certification authority guarantees the existence of the organization, that it owns the associated FQDN (or that it has the right to use it) and that one of the organization's manager has authorized the certificate deliverance.

One can distinguish:

Server certificates

We provide standard, wildcard and multiple sites class 2 certificates.

 RGS* certificates are compliant too.

Code signing certificates

We provide the GlobalSign OV Code Signing.

Client certificates

Those products are to sign e-mails or documents and can also be integrated to a PKI for voluminous purchases or bulk renewals.

Class EV: Extended Validation

Those are server or code signing certificates delivered after a solid audit of the organization through official documentation (varying according to the country's prevailing regulations). The owner is also checked.

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Comparison chart OF EV server (EXTENDED VALIDATION) certificates

See the GlobalSign EV Code Signing.

Class 3

Those are client certificates that are delivered after an audit that checks the organization and the certificate's owner (face to face). See the ChamberSign eIDUCIO certificate.

Class 3+

the same thing than for the class 3 but the certificate and its private key are delivered on a physical support (USB token or smart card). See the eIDAS electronic signatures.