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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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All about EV (Extended Validation)

EV (standing for Extended Validation) is a certificates family bound to reinforce server certificates authentication (anti-phishing). It is the highest certification level currently available. It provides:
  • A standardization and an enhancement of the vetting processes
  • The URL bar: it appears green and displays the name of the certified organization
  • This specific identification allows webusers to know they are browsing a trusted site
These certificates are going to enlighten the weaknesses of other kind of certificates known as Domain-Validated (seeWhy are Domain-Validated certificates dangerous?) and help to take them off the market.
  • Ev certificates can only be supplied to companies (with a RCS number) and to public entities having a SIREN number and existing since 3 years at least
  • The corporate contact must be one of the organization director and his name must appear on the Kbis
  • The domain name must be owned by the organization exact corporate name (the domain authorization letter cannot be used)
  • The organization must be listed on the universal directory (to be more precise, the organization in which works the corporate contact must be listed in the directory)
  • The CSR must contain the exact corporate name of the organization in its O field , and the fields C (contry), L (location) and ST (state) must be the exact reflect of the organization's headquarters location as registered
  • The organization must be correctly indexed by DUNS and Bradstreet.

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