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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate for VMWare View/Horizon 5.1 or above

Import the certificate on Windows Server

You have to firt import your Certificate in Windows Server's Personnal certificate store. Depending on the method you used to generate your CSR, the procedure will differ.

Using Keybot

Start by generate your PFX with Keybot then import it in Windows's MMC.

Using IIS

You can use an unused Website on IIS and then use it to generate your private key and your CSR. Please refer to our documentations:

Using Windows Server's MMC's Wizard

Please refer to the PFX import procedure but import a p7b instead.

Enable your certificate in VMWare View/Horizon

Search for the previously used Certificat in Windows' MMC and change its friendly name from "vdm" to any other character string.

Then, change your certificate's friendly name to "vdm".

You then need to restart your VMWare View/Horizon services, especially VMware View Security Gateway Component.

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