picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20130115 - Certigna integrates TBS Internet catalog

TBS INTERNET announces the arrival of a new Certification Authority among its SSL suppliers and adds Certigna SSL an SSL RGS* certificates to its range of products. Soon to be mandatory to French administrative entities, RGS certificates are now available here.

Who is Certigna?

Certigna is a certification authority created in2009 by Dhimyotis, French company specialized in data protection. It was a natural evolution for the organization that wanted to provide high quality and competitive products to French market.

In July 2012, Certigna obtained the authorization to deliver SSL RGS certificates and is now able to equip French and European administrations security systems.

The new products

  • Certigna SSL: it is a standard certificate that meets the basic needs for HTTPS security
  • Certigna SSL RGS: approved by the DGME this certificate is compliant with RGS* standards and is therefore SHA256-signed (all about SHA256)

Certigna's offer particularities

Reissuance: the particularities of Certigna products' audit process prevent from any reissuance more than 3 months after the certificate issuance. The documents needed must be less than 3-months old,otherwise a new audit must be processed.
Note: No modification on the certificate information can be made through reissuance. Once the certificate delivered you won't be able to edit or add SANs.

Domains: Certigna SSL certificates secure one FQDN but Certigna offers the possibility to secure for free 4 additional sub-domains. It must be sub-domains of the main domain. Beyond 4 sub-domains you'll have to purchase additional SANs.

Recognition: : Certigna roots are installed on a great number of browsers and Dhimyotis actively works to its roots deployment. Certigna SSL certificates are recognized by 92.5% of browsers for now.

Being SHA256-signed, Certigna SSL RGS* certificate is only recognized by 92.2% of web browsers. There are still old browsers and server that are not compatible with SHA256 (see technical limitations). This recognition rate will soon evolve for SHA2 will replace SH1 in the years to come.

Audience: Certigna certificates are made for professionals only. An individual cannot obtain such a product.

The CSR: The CSR generated for Certigna certificates have several particularities. You'll have to take them into account when creating your CRS or it may be rejected during the audit process. Consult the table below to generate your CSR:

Filds Certigna SSL and SSL RGS* Certigna Document Server Stamping RGS* Certigna Server Client RGS*
CN SubDomain.Domain.TLD Organization – Department using the certificate / Name of the server SubDomain.Domain.TLD or Organization – Department using the certificate / Name of the server
ST Name of the department (in France) Name of the department (in France) Name of the department (in France)
L City City City
OU France: 0002 SIRET
Europe: VAT number
France: 0002 SIRET
Europe: VAT number
France: 0002 SIRET
Europe: VAT number
C Country code (i.e: FR) Country code (i.e: FR) Country code (i.e: FR)

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