picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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RGS certificates

I March 2013 French administrations will face new requirements regarding IT security: RGS certificates will be mandatory.

What is RGS?

RGS - standing for "Référentiel Général de Sécurité" - is a set of guidelines edited by the DGME (Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'État) and the ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information) in order to normalize exchanges between administrations.


In March 2013, the RGS standard will replace definitely the PRIS (Politique de Référencement Inter-sectorielle de Sécurité) one and French administrations will have to use RGS certificates for all their exchanges.

The different kinds of RGS certificates

As for 'classical' certificates there are several types of RGS certificates:

  • server certificates that identify machines and encipher connections
  • client certificate to authenticate, sign or both
  • Stamp certificates to sign code

And sub-categories according to the level of security provided by the certificates:

  • RGS *
  • RGS **: require a face to face. Must be installed on a cryptographic or qualified support

Dhimyotis and Certigna certificates

TBS INTERNET choose Dhimyotis in order to meet its customers need.

Certigna is a French certification authority created by Dhimyotis which obtained its RGS qualification in July 2012.

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Who's concerned?

Those certificates mainly aim French administrations but it is possible to issue RGS certificates to companies based in European Union provided they have a valid VAT number.

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