picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20210215 - Sectigo delete some fields from its certificates

Sectigo recently announced that some fields will be removed of its certificates structure.

From 7 March 2021, all certificates issued by the authority will be issued without "street address" and "zip/postal code" fields.


The presence of these fields, that were included by default in some client certificates, is not required by the CA/B Forum. Sectigo then decided to delete them and to simplify its processes at the same time.

For which products?

All certificates (server, client, code signing) issued by Sectigo, TBS X509 and PositiveSSL.

More specifically:

  • TBS X509 Professional client certificates are the first impacted as they included these fields by default. The were optional in TBS X509 Sign&Login certificates.
  • Server certificates are impacted as well. If a CSR includes one of these fields they will be ignored by the authority and won't appear on the final certificate.

What consequences for already issued certificates?

None. They will keep working normally until their expiration date. If there are reissued, they won't include these fields.

The trust logo delivered along with your certificates will cease referring to these fields as well.

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