picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20151220 - TBS INTERNET adds free certificates to its catalog

SSL market is widening and HTTPS is becoming a standard. An increasing number of companies that want to secure their web tools is turning to free certificates for convenience.

Because it is necessary for one image, for SEO, for getting web users trust and for a all bunch of other reasons to favor HTTPS, then a free domain-validation certificate is better than no certificate at all.

Those certificates, even if they are limited, do not burden the budget.

Who is concerned by this product?

Free certificate is for web sites owners that want to secure their tools but do not want to know the ins and outs of SSL matters, either because they do not have the time or because they are not interested.

This certificate is a limited product and it should only be installed on showcase web sites (without connection, form or transaction).

What are the characteristics of this certificate?


  • free
  • delivered within minutes
  • renewable endlessly
  • recognized by 95.5% of web browsers


  • no authentication (domain-validation): there is no vetting before the certificate issuance? You are secure but you don' provide any guarantee to your web users
  • valid 90 days: a renewal and an installation of the certificate has to be planed regularly
  • no support: it requires a total autonomy on all the technical aspects of getting/installing a certificate

For what kind of machine?

This certificate has not particular incompatibility. It can be installed on any kind of server/sotware.

I want to get a free certificate but I don't master the technical aspects

This kind of certificate, because it is free, cannot benefit from support. But ii is possible to get help by calling our support special number (0.80 € / min).

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