picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20170214 - SANs management on Sectigo EV Multiple Sites certificate

SANs management, and their prices, evolve for Sectigo EV Multiple Sites certificates.

We now distinguish domain SANs from simple additional SANs.

What is the difference?

Sectigo EV Multiple Sites secures 3 sites names in its basic version, no matter what is secured by the certificate.

Beyond those 3 sites names you'll have to purchase additional SANs. Then it will be important to know the difference between domain SANs and simple additional SANs.

Let's imagine your certificate secures:


If you want to add "" then you'll need a additional Domain SAN. But, if you want to secure "", and considering is already secured by the certificate, then a simple additional SAN will be required.

During the order deposit the system will detect which kind of SANs you want to secure and will make the calculation. It will be displayed on the recap page.

What are the advantages?

Domain SANs and additional SANs don't have the same price. Adding simple additional SANs will be less expensive than securing a whole new domain.

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