picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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How can I add SANs to an existing certificate?

It is possible, on some certificates, to add, modify or delete the list of SANs to secure during the lifetime of the certificate.

What is the procedure?

To modify the list of SANs to secure, go to the status page of your certificate and click on the "Request certificate reissue" button. If the button is not present it means that your certificate is not re-fabricable. In this case, contact our sales team.

One your are on the reissuance form, edit the SANs list here:

WARNING: some certificates do not allow their main name to be modified.

Provide, if needed, a new CSR, enter the reason for the reissuance and click on "Process this request".

What about the price?

The reissuance is free. Only the additional SANs are invoiced. If additional SANs need to be purchased for the processing of your request then our sales team will contact you.

Note that a SAN always has the same validity period as the certificate to which it is attached to. If you have acquired a certificate valid for 2 years, you will need to acquire SANs also valid for 2 years, no matter how long your certificate is still valid (no prorating).

Are there any specificities related to suppliers?

Yes, each certification authority applies its own rules in this matter.

For example, it is not possible to modify a Certigna certificate. Once the certificate is issued, it is "frozen", its SANs list will remain the same. See the links below.

A limitation of the number of SANs is also applied depending on the authority.
Number of SANs in a certificate:

  • Sectigo : 1000
  • Digicert / Thawte / Geotrust : 250

Are there different types of SANs?

Yes. Several certification authority propose wildcard SANs (to secure site like * for example) or domain SANs. The system will automatically detect which kind of SAN you are trying to add to your certificate. If you request a wildcard SAN on a certificate that do not allow this kind of SAN you'll see an alert on the confirmation page.

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