picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install an Adobe Air certificate

To install your Adobe Air certificate in the certificates registry:
  1. Open the browser you used to submit your certificate request (Firefox). You have to use the same user session as well.
  2. Go to your certificate's status page (a link is provided in the delivery e-mail)
  3. Click on download the certificate
  4. The browser downloads the certificate and automatically installs it in its certificates registry (it is a transparent operation, you won't see anything).
  5. To export your certificate to your Adobe application, go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Encryption / View certificates. In the new window, go to the Your Certificates tab. Select the certificate and click on Backup...
  6. Provide a name and the path for that backup file
  7. If needed, enter your personal security password
  8. Define a password for the backup
  9. Confirm!
You can now use this .p12 file in your Adobe applications