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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Revocation / Cancellation

Revoking a certificate equals to proceed to its annihilation. It can be compared to a credit card blocking. This procedure is non-reversible and is free.

A cancellation is the suspension of the request before the certificate issuance.


Only one of the two contacts of the certificate can request its revocation (except if it is managed in a certificate center).

If the certificate benefits from the "Money Back Guarantee" offer and if it is revoked less than 30 days after its issuance then it will lead to a credit note generation and to a refund.

WARNING: If one or several reissuances have been issued, you'll have to revoke all the certificates to get a refund.

You can also, if you have several valid certificates on on deal, to revoke one or part of the certificates.

How to revoke a certificate?

To place a revocation request, go on your certificate status page and click on "Revoke all" or "Revoke" if you only wan to revoke one certificate. If the button does not appear it means the certificate cannot be revoked on line. In that case please contact TBS INTERNET to launch the procedure.

Please note: The revocation process can differ according to the Certification Authority and the kind of certificate. If additional operations are needed an email will be sent holding the instructions regarding the revocation process.


To cancel a pending request, go on your certificate status page and click on "cancel the order".

WARNING: According to the completion state of the audit process, cancellation fees can be applied (10% for a standard certificate and 30% for an EV one).

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