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Strong authentication - An alternative to passwords

Most web users (private individuals or professionals) are registered on several websites: social networks, online banks, e-commerce... and often use the same password to access them all, making their passwords easier for hackers to steal.

Once your passwords hacked one can obtain personnal and confidential data. The technic is often the same: they start by trying the most used passwords, see a sample below:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • 12345
  • 123456789
Strong authentication with client certificate

There are login method that do not use passwords, strong authentication is one of them.

strong authentication: all certificates

Connection and digital certificate

There is an alternative to unsecured passwords: the client certificate.

The latter is a virtual ID that is used as a key by giving you access to your sites without providing any passwords. It is totally transparent for the webuser.

Web users advantages:

  • Greater security for your accounts
  • No more passwords to manage
  • Easy to use

Websites owners advantages:

  • Greater security for your accounts
  • Affordable prices (see pricing)

E-government processes

Most of E-government processes requires a RGS certificate to access their services via strong authentication. It is the case of TRACFIN/ERMES, INERIS or SYNAPSE for example.

Access to tbs certificates center

Here at TBS INTERNET are trying everyday to maximize the security of our customers' certificate center (regular passwords update, super user managing the access of his center...). We also offer high authentication to access the TBS Certificate center.


Ask your advisor, he will guide you through the process, and launch the certificate creation (the certificates issued for a connection to a TBS Certificate Center are not charged).

Please note that if one of the users of the account applies for the strong authentication, all the users will have too.

An audit is realised and the certificate delivered.

You are ready to experience a new way of connection!

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