picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20220511 - The guidance option will be unavailable as of June 3rd for an undefinite period of time.

TBS INTERNET guidance option

While ordering an SSL certificate, you can select the guidance option. Who is this service designed for? What does it include? What's the difference with a classical order?

Who is this service designed for?

The guidance option has been launched to help people unaware of the technical processes linked to a certificate purchase or installation. It is an easy way to become familiar with those procedures during a first order.

Important: our engineer guides you but it is you that will have to do all the takedowns. There are two reasons for that:
  • Fistly for evident security reasons. No one but you should have access to your server.
  • Then, save money with the DIY way! Once your first guidance over, you'll be able to do those operations by yourself for renewals or new orders (it'll prevent you from paying for a new guidance).

What does it include?

A specialized engineer guides you through each technical steps and provides you the drill according to your equipment and your certificate's nature.

He helps you:
  • Generate a CSR
  • Send the CSR to our audit department
  • Install the certificate
  • Test it if it is accessible from the outside
  • Create an exportation/backup file if needed
The guidance option only applies on one machine.

What's the difference with a classical order?

A CSR must always be attached to a classical order. If not, we are not able to process the order. When the guidance option is selected, this step is postponed.

How much does it cost?

The guidance option is charged 150 EUR HT / 127 GBP (VAT-less).

Is it available for any kind of server?

The guidance option can be requested only for servers that we know about. It includes the main software (Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft (IIS, ISA, Exchange), Lotus, Citrix). If we can't handle your server we'll go back to you.