picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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How to get a quote?

Even if the nature of the products we commercialize (tailor-made certificates) better fits an upfront payment, we proposes deferred payments on quotation.

You can get a quotation when you want it.

From the public area

Select your product then click on the "quote" button (at the bottom of each chart):

Public area quote

From a Certificate Center

From the order forms*, tick the box "I would like to obtain a quote rather than purchase" :

Certificate Center quote

NOTA: during a renewal the system selects the payment method that has been used before. On Certificate Center, it selects the default payment method defined on the account.

* This option is available on the certificate order pages and on bulk purchases ("Credit account" page on Bulk purchase and rebate accounts).

Deferred payment authorization

Any late settlement on a deferred payment method leads to the creation a Late Payment Fees statement and to an upfront payment restriction. This restriction is usually lifted after the Late Payment Fees settlement.

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