picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Certigna - The certification representative

What's a certification representative?

The issuance of eIDAS qualified and / or RGS** certificates requires the completion of a face to face meeting. It is usually done by a bailiff for Certigna certificates.

It is then the future holder of the certificate that needs to go and present himself.

But it is possible to designate a "certification representative" that will take charge of all the face-to-face for its organisation. The certification representative take then the responsibility for checking the identities of the future certificates holders.

What for?

If your organisation needs to obtain several certificates, the certification representative can gather them and go to only one face-to-face.

If the future holder is busy or unavailable, the certification representative can take over and the audit procedure is not stopped.

Setting up a certification representative

  • The designated person must purchase their own Certigna ID eIDAS / RGS** certificate

  • They must fill the "Application for a certification representative registration" (Annexe 1) and the "certification representative letter of commitment" (Annexe 2) explaining the duties of a certification representative

  • A file must be constituted with:
    • a document less than 3 months old containing the organisation SIRET number (SIRENE register situation statement)
    • a document proving the legal representative's status (KBIS less than 3 month old, official report of the mayor and the deputies election or the official report of the community counsel election...)
    • if the legal representative of the contract differs from the one defined in the document: a signature authority delegation from the legal representative
    • the photocopy of the ID of the designated legal representative
    • the photocopy of the ID of the future certification representative

  • Those documents are then sent to Certigna for registration

Orders process with a certification representative

The audit process is the same but the certification representatives can intervene at several steps:

  • they sign the certificate request form

  • they realize the face-to-face in place of the future holders

In this case, the documentation must be accompanied by the copy of the Annexe 1.

The other duties of the certification representative

The certification representatives take a role that goes beyond the mere audit procedure. They can also:

  • Request the revocation of certificates that have been issued under they responsibility

  • Request the rectification of personal data concerning certificates issued under their responsibility

  • Designate future certification representative

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