picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20210624 - Changes regarding domain name validation

Following a decision of the CA/B Forum, some rules concerning the domain name validation (DCV) will be modified.

What changes to expect?

The validation period of the DCV

Once the DCV challenge is completed, it will remain valid for a maximum of 397 days. After this period, you will have to complete a new DCV challenge.

The text file validation method (HTTP or HTTPS)

Two things will change for this DCV validation method:

  • For Wildcard certificates: it will no longer be possible to use this validation method. Only the methods by email or DNS will be proposed to you.

  • For multi-site certificates: it will be necessary to validate each of the SANs by placing a TXT file for each FQDN registered in the certificate.
    Example: to validate a certificate containing "" and "", you will have to place a TXT file for and a second TXT file for


  • Regarding the validation period of a completed DCV challenge, the new rule will come into effect on 1st october 2021.
  • The changes regarding the DCV validation method by TXT will be effective as of 1st december 2021.

What consequences for existing certificates?

None. Your certificates will continue to function normally until their expiration date.

And in case of reissuing?

If the reissue request is made before the dates mentioned, there is no change. After these dates, the new rules will be applied.

What changes for new orders

The validation period of the DCV

The validation of domain names will have to be done more frequently.

The text file validation method (HTTP or HTTPS)

If your certificate contains a lot of SANs, it is possible to modify the validation method by choosing the email or DNS in order to facilitate the validation of the challenge.

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