picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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2-factor authentication available on your Certificates' Center

What is 2-factor authentication?

It is a connexion method safer than the simple login/password kind. It is available for our customers having a Certificates' Center, not to replace their authentication method but as an alternative.

It is based on the use of a code which has a validity period of 45 seconds max. A new code is generated for each connection.

How does it work?

In order to use 2-factor authentication you can use your PC with a TOTP software or a mobile tool such as a smartphone or a tablet and download a TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) app.

Its functionning is simple: when configuring your 2-factor account, a secret key is created and saved in your app that is associated to your Certificates' Center login information.

When you need to get connected to your account, select the 2-factor authentication mode, enter your login and password and the 6 digits code provided by your app. Validate. You are connected!

The codes that are generated are unique and change at each connexion. They only are valid 45 seconds after their generation for a high security level.

List of TOTP apps:

How to set up a 2-factor authentication?

When opening a Certificates' Center

When you open a Certificates' Center you can choose 2-factor authentication mode. You only have to tick the case "I want to enhance my account security by using 2-factor authentication".

You will be able to configure your 2-factor access on the following page.

You already have an account

If you already have a Certificates' Center go on the page "Customization -> Modify my profil" and select the 2-factor authentication.

You are the Super User of the account

You can choose 2-factor authentication for yourself by following the procedure described above or make the 2-factor authentication mandatory for all the users of the account. In that case go on the page "Administration -> Users" and click on the button "Define a 2-factor authentication mode".

During their next connexion, the users of your account will have to define their 2-factor accesses to get connected.

Functionning of 2-factor authentication in images

Creation of your 2-factor access

In your app: - enter the key - or scan the QR code displayed Your app will generate a key. This key is secrete and associated to your account. The app will also provide a 6 digits code that will link your secrete key to your account. enter the 6 digits code supplied by your app and validate

Your 2-factor access is ready!

Connection to your account

Open your app, retrieve the temporary code and enter it on your account connection form along with your ID and password. Countdown indicating the time during which your 5 digits code is still valid for use.

IMPORTANT: make sure the time is correct on your phone otherwise the 2-factor authentication cannot work properly.

The images above have been realized using Google Authenticator app on an Ipad.

Can I use several mobile devices for my account?

Yes, simply enter the code triggering the secret key generation on your different mobile tools.