picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a SSL certificate on FileZilla FTP Server

Installing a certificate on an OpenSSL-based server is really similar than doing so on Apache: Install an Apache certificate, except that the instructions indicating the path to th files are not the same!

for FTP FileZilla server, via the interface:
FileZilla Server Option -> SSL/TLS settings:

  • import the private key (.key file generated along with the CSR) in "Private key file".

  • import the certificate and the certification chain in the same file:
    1) on your certificate status page, download the "file.cer" file and the certification chain "chain-xxx.txt"
    2) concatenate those two files into one
    3) import the file in "Certificate file"

About a certificate request generated in a Windows environment
or issued from a PFX / P12 export

Now that you have the private key in a PEM format, follow the instructions here above to import your certificate on your FTP FileZilla server.