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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate on a F5 platform (BIG-IP , Firepass, ...)

You received your certificate by email with one or several intermediate certificates and a root certificate. Keep this email within reach.

1- Retrieve your certificate(s) on your server

In the delivery email you'll find several links. Click on them and download the associated files: (from your certificate's status page, click on "See the certificate" or "See the last certificate")
  • A: your server certificate (.cer file)
  • B: the certification chain (chain-example.txt file)

For recent Big-IP servers

For recent versions of BigIp, it has been noted that you can directly import a PEM bundle containing certificate and certification chain. To obtain it, you can simply download it via the "See in the X509 with chain format" from your status page.

2- Install the certificate

Log onto your F5 administration interface:
  • F5 BigIP:
    Proxies : Install SSL Certificate:
  • F5 Firepass:
    Device Management: Security: Certificates page: Renew/Replace SSL Server Certificate
Click on Browse..., select the corresponding file (.cer extension)
or copy/paste the certificate:
and click on "Write Certificate File" or "Go".
The certificate is now displayed in the list of available certificates.

3- Install the certification chain

  • F5 BigIP:
    Copy the file chain-example.txt provided by TBS on your F5 in the file/config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/ (or /config/ssl/ssl.crt/) and rename it with intermediate-ca.crt

  • F5 Firepass:
    Device Management: Security: Certificates page : Renew/Replace SSL Server Certificate
    Copy/paste all the certificates of chain-example.txt provided by TBS in the form "Intermediate certificate".

4- Activation on F5 BigIP

  • Create a SSL Profile
  • select the certificate and its intermediate
    1. Open SSL Profile
    2. In Configuration, select Advanced
    3. Select the concerned certificate
    4. Select the corresponding private key
    5. In Trusted Certificate Authorities, select the chain file
    6. Save and quit

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