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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Juniper Netscreen SSL VPN

To install your certificate on this plateform, you will only have to respond to the previously made "request" during your CSR generation.
If your software version allows it, import directly your #PKCS7 certificate (extension of the .p7b file); then you won't have to install manually the certification chain such as described here under.
To download the .p7b file, go on your certificate's status page, and click on the "See the certificate" button and then click the et enfin sur le lien "See the PKCS7 certificate" link.

Install the intermediate certificates

To install an intermediate certificate go to Configuration->Certificates->IVE Certificates, and click the "Intermediate IVE CAs" link. Then import the certificate.

If the certificate's already here, delete it and install the latest version we provided.

To download the certificates composing the certification chain, go on your certificate's status page, then click on the "See the certificate" button and click the "See the certification chain" link.

Checked whith 5.0R1 version (build 8555)

With other versions, go to: System > Configuration > Certificates > Device Certificates