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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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CO-piBot: return = 2 : UNABLE TO GET ISSUER CERT

This code indicates the certification chain has not been recognized. Probably because a part of the chain is missing.
  • If you received your certificate from TBS INTERNET then it has been wrongly installed. In most cases it comes from the certification chain that has not been installed.
    Get back to our installation instructions (see the delivery e-mail), and make sure you did install the certification chain (file B in our instructions, Install a server certificate ).

  • This error can be displayed if you are testing a certificate issued by a certification authority we do not work with and that we do not trust.

Commonly encountered cases:

Import the certification chain manually

on Microsoft platforms, you may have forgot to import the .p7b file and just installed the .cer certificate.
You will then have to import the certification chain manually. See the documentation.