picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Do you provide 128-bit certificates?

YES. One can distinguish 2 kinds of certificates enabling 128-bit sessions:

  • standard certificates that require 128-bit server and browser (if the browser's not a 128-bit one the session will be a 40- or 56-bit one)
  • SGC or BXA certificates such as Thawte SuperCert, GlobalSign or Symantec Secure Site Pro that require a 128-bit server and a BXA-compatible browser (40-bit or higher)

We deliver those 2 kinds of certificate. Note though that the issuance of 128-bit certificates is submitted to restriction; In France 128-bit certificates can not be delivered to weapon resellers. The whole point of SGC certificates is to enable a 128-bit session with browsers that usually only allows 40- ot 56-bit sessions.

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