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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate for Citrix Netscaler

New Citrix Netscaler procedure, January 2020:

1) Import the certificate and the private key

In your administration interface, go to "Traffic Management" > "SSL" > "Certificates" > "Server".
Click on the "Install" button
  • Certificate-Key Pair Name: give your certificate a name, for example
  • Certificate File Name download your xxxx.cer certificate
  • Key File Name: Download the private key created during your certificate request (.key, .pkey or .pem file)

2) Import the certificates of the certification chain

Former procedure forCitrix Netscaler v8:

  1. Import the PEM file holding the server certificate and its private key. We assume here that the private key and CSR have been geneted under an other equipment (IIS or Apache)
  2. If your certificate has been delivered along with a certification chain, import individualy this chain through one or several files (one certificate per PEM file) at the same place but named differently (with the function 'add' and without specifying any private key)
  3. then, click the Link button to link the certificate and the first intermediate, then the first with the second and so on.
Save the settings and run a test!

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Official documentation:

Non-official documentation: