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Certificate Center- Facilitate your certificate management / Signature, authentication and SSL certificates

The management of numerous certificates can be time consuming especially if you work with many suppliers. The TBS Certificate Center has been created to ease your certification products purchase, renewal or reissuances independently from their brand or kind.

Entirely free and without engagement, it is a perfect solution for any kind of companies buying one certificate or more.

TIP: Once your account is opened, ask for all your certificates to be migrated even those bought from certification authorities or competitors.

SSL certificates management interface

All your certificates are in the same place and are more easily manageable!

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: TBS INTERNET invites Internet Service Providers and Corporations to join its partnership program. This program gives you access to our multi-brand certificate managing interface and allows you to buy certificates at the best price and manage them efficiently.

Why getting a Certificate Center?

To manage your certificates professionnaly and to take advantage of these benefits:

  • a substancial experience with certificates built year after year since 1996
  • experience a far greater service than provided by certification authorities
  • a unique French and English speaking point of contact
  • a centralized management for your DigiCert, Comodo, Thawte, GlobalSign, Geotrust, Certigna and TBS X509 certificates
  • a new-generation French and English interface which stores your certificates, contacts and clients/branches
  • a configurable multi-user interface
  • competitive prices and multiple discount options
  • a knowledgeful pre-sales service to help you select the right product
  • a French and English technical support
  • Thousands of references (some of them listed here)
  • free migration for your existing accounts with authorities

For whom?

  • Internet Service Providers: Get discounts every time you order. You may resell the certificates at the price of your choosing.
  • Entreprises: centralize your certificate management with us. One provider, one contact and real discounts!

What kind of product?

We provide a wide range of authentication products. The "classic" SSL certificate that enables HTTPS (among other things), the code signing certificate to sign applets or the RGS / eIDAS certificate to sign invoices or access e-government processes are some examples of the products you will find in our catalog.

You'll find in the Certificate Center exclusive products and services only available in the account and of course several test certificates.

Which brand?

We sell the following certificates (click the elements in bold to view the pricing):

  • Thawte, a brand of the DigiCert Group
  • DigiCert, the leading certification authority
  • Sectigo, number 2 CA worldwide
  • X509 TBS, our distributor brand
  • ChamberSign, the certification authority of the french CCI for e-government process
  • Geotrust, member of the DigiCert family
  • GlobalSign, the new rising certificate authority
  • Certigna, the French supplier of RGS certificates
  • Harica

Certification Authorities TBS INTERNET partners with

We offer several options for your account

Each kind of account is associated to a discount policy and has its own particular functionning. The chart here under presents briefly each account specificities.

Rebate account for entreprise Rebate account for ISP Monthly paiement account Bulk purchase account Deposit account
Discounts levels from 4 to 11% from 4 to 13% from 6 to 15% from 6 to 30% from 10 to 40%
0% for Argon account
Conditions to benefit from the discounts from 3 certificates / quarter from the first purchase from 20 certificates / year and £4000 / year from 3 identical tokens from £2000 / year
Discounts application Quarterly billing Instant discount
Commitment none none minimum annual commitment tokens non refundable yes, by contract
Accounting management 1 order = 1 invoice none - direct debit 1 invoice per bulk purchase 1 invoice per account refill
Other Tokens usable without limit of time and convertibles Possibility to get 1 invoice per certificate
+ infos + infos + infos + infos + infos

Learn more?

Download our complete Partner pricing in PDF format

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