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Switching certification provider is possible!

Why would you keep working with a supplier which does not suit you?

  • Because switching is time consuming? WRONG
  • Because it's complicated? WRONG
  • Because it's expensive? WRONG

With TBS INTERNET switching certification provider is quick and easy. An e-mail and a few minutes are sufficient to migrate your certificates in a TBS Certificate Center and benefit from numerous advantages.

How to proceed? Nothing simplier, you just need to:

  • Open a Certificate Center
  • Send us the list of your existing certificates
  • Select the appropriate offer with the help of one of our salesperson

A clear and complete commercial offer

TBS INTERNET proposes the more complete commercial offer of the market with server, client and code signing SSL certificates and signature and authentication solutions. ECC and RSA certificates, RGS or eIDAS, test, free products and a lot more.

We can take over any kind of certificate management and if we can't propose the exact same product we will be able to provide an equivalent offer.

You need 5, 50 or 500 certificates: we have an offer for you

Attractive prices

Several functioning modes are proposed each one associated to a specific pricing system: trimestrial rebates, ristournes refacturables en fin de trimestre, volume discounts or negociated prices. Pick one according to your pruchasing volume and your internal working structure. You account will evolve as long with your needs.

Open and use a Certificate Center is totally free and gives access to a wider choice of products.

Open a Certificate Center

A competent an caring team

May you need before or after-sale advices our engineer-composed team is always available to provide them. They can assist you during the technical steps linked to your certificates orders as well.

Our free-access Frequently asked Questions containing a thousand pages of tips, advices and technical information can also be of help.

Consult our Frequently asked Questions

Moreover, each one of our customers interacts with a unique interlocutor: a designated account manager that will take charge of all your certificates requests.

A multi-users / multi-brands platform

With a Certificate Center your SSl certificates management is easier. Our multi-brands platform can be used to manage certificates issued by different certification authorities, to follow-up your orders, to consult your purchases statistics...

The multi-users functioning mode allows you to make a strict follow-up of any action made on the account and to give users specific access according to the right they have been granted.

All about our customers accounts

Tools for specialists

Specialists can interface their system with ours via a powerful API. Better: go further and automatize all the operations linked to your certificates!

From your Certificate Center you'll be able with total autonomy to create an API account and to manage its users.

Further information regarding our API

Not willing to open an account yet?

No problem! Take advantage of one of your certificate's renewal. A simple request by e-mail is required to get a quote or a renewal form. You will then be able to test our services before going any further.

Contactour sales team by e-mail: or by phone: +44 330 684 0001.

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