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Deposit account - Annualized management of your certificates

The deposit account has been designed for companies with big needs in certificates and authentication products. It is an ideal solution for partners or big companies with a minimum budget of £2000 Vat-less a year (excepted for Argon account).

It works as a virtual bank account. Once filled it is debited at each new certificate order. Here under are the discounts* calculated according to your annual budget and the kind of requested certificate:

*The discount rates are given for information purposes only. Those discounts cannot be applied to some products. See the contract for further information.

Offer Minimum annual committment Discount on X509 TBS, Sectigo & PositiveSSL ranges Discount on Thawte range Discount on Geotrust range Discount on GlobalSign range Discount on Certigna / Harica / SigniFlow range Discount on DigiCert range
Argon £0 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Standard £2000 Vat-less 15% 25% 20% 15% 7% 10%
Silver £6000 Vat-less 20% 30% 25% 20% 10% 15%
Emerald £11000 Vat-less 25% 35% 30% 25% 14% 20%
Gold £25000 Vat-less 30% 40% 35% 30% 17% 25%


What difference when buying:

  • 3 Sectigo UCC valid 1 year*
  • 8 Thawte Standard valid 1 year*
  • 11 X509 Sign & Login TBS valid 1 year*

*GBP VAT-less prices on 2011-03-10



3 Sectigo UCC =
8 Thawte standard =
11 X509 Sign & Login =
3x285 =
8x99 =
11x27 =
TOTAL = £1944


3 Sectigo UCC =
8 Thawte standard =
11 X509 Sign & Login =
(3x285) - 15% =
(8x99) - 25% =
(11x27) - 15% =
TOTAL = £1573.20


3 Sectigo UCC =
8 Thawte standard =
11 X509 Sign & Login =
(3x285) - 30% =
(8x99) - 40% =
(11x27) - 30% =
TOTAL = £1281.60

Here you got a £370.80 discount for a standard deposit account and a £662.40 discount for a gold deposit account for 22 certificates.

Deposit account advantages

The advantages of having a deposit account are beyond than just financial.
The deposit account's flexibility is incomparable. Once your account refilled your technical staff can place their requests free from considerations such as product's type or validity lenght. They order when they need to without taking care of accounting matters.

In case of an urgent and unpredicted need, the deposit account will be a real time-saving tool. Managing unpredicted request through a Bulk Purchase account is not so easy. You'll have to buy the corresponding token then to place your technical order. Through a rebate account you'll have to anticipate a payment, if not your certificate issuange could be delayed. With a deposit account you'll only need to place a request to launch the process.

Accounting matters

When placing a classical order, you get an invoice that need to be transfered to your accounting department to be processed. With a deposit account the process is a bit different: you fill your account and get an associated invoice. Your IT department can then place its technical orders. The accounting department is not requested untill the next account refill.

The administrative part of your certificates orders is then considerably disminished as your accounting department is only needed for the account refills.

How to ordeR?

  1. 1 - Open a partner account
  2. 2 - Log on to your Certificate Center and click on 'Refill the user account'
  3. 3 - Indicate the amount you want to transfer on your account
  4. 4 - You'll receive an invoice or a purchase order
  5. 5 - We credit your account as soon as we receive your payment and you can start requesting certificates through your Partner Account.

A complete transparency

On your account you'll have access to other useful information such as:

  • Your consumption statistics
  • Your invoices
  • A complete listing of your certificates (currently valid, being issued, revoked...)
  • Your account balance
  • A list of your last account refills

TIP: You are a TBS INTERNET customer and want now to open an account? Contact your advisor, he will sent you an already fill-in form to ease the process!



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