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picture of tbs certificates
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Sign a XML document with XML Signer

XML Signer is a software that allows you to sign an XML document or to sign several XML documents in the same folder in a semi-automatic way with a cryptographic token.

The software is only available for Windows and can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

To download the software, click on this link: XML Signer

Sign a XML document

Once the software has been launched, the first step is to select the certificate that will be used to sign the document. To do this, click on Select the Digital Certificate at the bottom of the window

Image XML Signer 1

In this window you can choose the origin of the certificate. A token certificate will be present in the Windows certificate store. So you can choose the first option Windows Certificate Store and select your certificate.

Here is an example once the certificate is chosen (example with a cryptographic token)

Image XML Signer 3

Once you have chosen the certificate, click on OK. Then select A single XML document. Fill in the path where the document to be signed is located. If the saving destination of the signed document differs from the original location, this must also be indicated.

Once you have made your choice, click on Apply Digital Signature. A confirmation message will appear.

Sign multiple XML documents

XML Sign gives you the possibility to sign several documents semi-automatically.

The documents to be signed must all be in the same file. Select the option A folder with XML documents

Image XML Signer 2

Choose the location of the source folder and the destination folder and click on Apply Digital Signature

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