picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Creating a directory starting with a dot on windows

For DCV challenges, it may be necessary to create a .well-known directory to place the HTTP challenge file. However, not all Windows versions allow the creation of a directory name starting with a dot via GUI despite the feature being supported by the NTFS file system. To compensate, the directory needs to be created using command line tools.

Creating a directory using command line

  • Run a command prompt (cmd.exe) or a powershell via the start menu. It is necessary to do so using an user that has write privileges on the web server root, or to run an administrator command prompt or powershell.
  • Go to the web site root using the cd command: cd C:\path\to\site\root
  • Create a directory using the mkdir command, for example for the .well-known directory: mkdir .well-known
  • Your directory has been created.

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