picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20130411 - Symantec CRL Infrastructure upgrade

Symantec has announced a major upgrade of its CRL infrastructure for May 1st 2013.

What to expect?

The modifications

Symantec created more than 100 additional new sites to handle CRL request that will improve availability and reliability all over the globe. CRL requests will be served from the closest location to the user with a dramatically improved average response time.

What will you have to do?

Most of our customers won't have anything to do. The CRL infrastructure upgrade will be totally transparent.

PARTICULAR CASES: If your corporate firewall is configured to allow only a certain set of IP addresses to be accessed from their network, you'll need to add the new IP address to that list.

Warning: Do not replace the old IP addresses and existing rules for Symantec CRL IP addresses should not be deleted.

Test your access to the new IP addresses

The list if new IP is available here.
Complete the form to get it.

To ensure connectivity is working, use
http://NewIPAddress /test.html