picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Get ready to telework

The sanitary crisis we are going through has been the cause of many upheavals regarding our work habits. Teleworking has become and could remain the new standard. But how to prepare good conditions for teleworking?

Securing your communication tools

The remote access to your management tools (ERP, extranet, intranet...) must be secured by one or several OV (at least) SSL certificates . They guarantee the exchanges encipherment and the editor identity.

Any incoming connection should go through a secured canal. See our Standard SSL certificates offer. To go even farther you can also introduce a strong authentication with certificate or a 2-factor authentication in order to identify beyond any doubt the origin of each connection.


With teleworking the question arises of the paper documentation and its process.

Teleworking should be completed by a digitisation action to free workers from postal sendings, physical moves or paper printings.

Electronic signature

Sign or request signature for documents can quickly become an expensive time-consuming activity:

  • document preparation
  • sending by e-mail
  • printing
  • signature
  • scan
  • sending by e-mail

Using SigniFlow signature platform eases the process:

  • document preparation via the platform
  • automatic sending by e-mail
  • signature
  • automatic sending by e-mail

It is the end of postal sendings, scans and printings. The entire process is digitised.

Note that the platform can be used to sign your documents or to request your documents to be signed by other persons.

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