picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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tbsCertBot - The reissuance options

Prerequisite: TBSCertBot is compatible with php 5.4 to 7.x

tbsCertBot offers several operations pertaining to reissuances.

The following command will display the available reissuance options:

php tbscertbot.php reissue

Commands for Reissue certificate:
    reissue [refTBS] now                   Do a reissue now.
    reissue [refTBS] plan                  Display the calendar for best time for reissue and status of autoreissue.
    reissue [refTBS] auto on/off           Activate or desactivate

Immediate reissuance

php tbscertbot.php reissue 1234567890 now

Immediate reissuance

Multi-year plan and reissuance

This command will display the date computed for the next reissuance in the context of the ongoing plan:

php tbscertbot.php reissue 1234567890 plan

You'll also be able to activate or deactivate the automatic reissuance (the automatic deposit of the reissuance request):

php tbscertbot.php reissue 1234567890 auto on

Automatic reissuance