picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate for Sophos Mobile

Generation of the CSR

The generation of CSR for SOPHOS can be done:

  • With the assistant in Sophos Mobile:

    • Click on "Sophos Mobile Control SSL Certificate Wizard.exe"
    • Click on "Next" and "I agree"
    • The CSR creation window appears
    • Fill in the requested fields and click on "Next". The "Upload CSR" window appears.
    • From there, click on "Open CSR" and copy paste the contents of the CSR into our order form.

  • With the automatic "Keybot" method:

    • From the order form, choose the "Automatic" method
    • In the pop-up that appears, fill in the requested fields and click on "Generate"
    • Your private key in .pkey format will be offered for download. This key must be kept preciously.

Installation of the certificate

The certificate can be installed when Sophos Mobile is installed or later by running the "Sophos Mobile Control SSL Certificate Wizard.exe" wizard. Once at the certificate installation stage, you have two options for importing your certificate on Sophos Mobile:

  • Anglais Using FTP Over SSL Or with a file in PKCS12 format including your certificate, your private key and the certification chain
  • either by importing separately the certificate, the private key, the certification chain and the root certificate.
We will see its different methods.

Installation with certificate in PKCS12 format

This is the simplest method, because this file contains all the elements essential for the proper functioning of your certificate.
To generate a file in PKCS12 format:

  • If the CSR was generated via Keybot
  • From the status page of your certificate, click on the "Generate PFX / PEM" button. In the window that appears, follow the instructions to generate the PFX.

  • If the CSR was generated with Sophos Mobile
  • You can make a file in PKCS12 format using OpenSSL. To do this follow our documentation: Create a file in PKCS12 format with OpenSSL

Using FTP Over SSL In the Sophos Mobile wizard, choose "PKCS12 with certificate, private key and certificate chain (intermediate and CA). In the next window, enter the path where your file in .pfx format. Enter the file protection password.

Using FTP Over SSL Installation with separate files

You can retrieve your certificate, the certification chain as well as the root certificate from the certificate status page, button "View certificate".
Once all the files are in your possession, in the Sophos Mobile wizard, choose "Separate files for certificate, private key, intermediate and CA certificate". In the next window, fill in the paths where the different files are located. Also enter the password for your private key.