picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Use an SMS account (2FA, OTP,...) for Signiflow

On the Signiflow platform, it is possible to configure, with an administrator access, an SMS account for the users of the platform who wish to connect or sign a document.

You must have an active account with an SMS provider to use this service. Here is the list of compatible providers for Signiflow:

In July 2021:

  • the provider Infobip proposed a rate to the FR mobiles of about 0.048 euros / SMS (decreasing rate according to the volume). The opening of an account is free and you can test the sending of 100 SMS on a verified mobile number when opening the account.
  • the provider BulkSMS proposed a rate of about 0.067 euros / SMS for a pack of 1150 SMS. The opening of an account is free.

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