picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Invoices batch signature

You'd like to dematerialize your accounts receivable but you have a low volume of invoices?

In this case, automated signature and time stamping of your documents (with the use of a stamp) is not the better (nor the cheaper) solution.

Reminder: to obtain an invoice with tax value (for French organizations) you need to sign and time stamp it with eIDAS qualified / RGS** certificates.

For small volumes it is then possible to sign invoices with an ID RGS** certificate (client certificate delivered on a cryptographic token).

The downside: this kind of product only allows manual and unitary signature. The more there is invoices to sign, the more time it will take.

The solution? Batch signature

Batch signature consists of signing all the documents gathered in one specific repertory.

You can then sign all your invoices in one manipulation and the end of each day.

Note: This mechanism requires the use of a specific signing software (often payable) such as PDF Signer (compatible with Windows). You'll also have to obtain an ID RGS** certificate and a time stamping tokens.

Signature certificate configuration

  • Connect your token. Once it is done, your certificate should appear in the Windows Certificate Store
  • Open PDF signer
  • Open the "Digital Certificates" section. Tick the "Windows Certificate Store" box and select your certificate.
  • You will be proposed to store your smart card PIN but we do not recommend it for security reasons.
  • Click OK
  • You also can configure your signature appearance (position, font, size...) via the "Digital Signature Options" section.

Time stamp server configuration

  • Go in the "Time Stamping" section
  • Enter the URL of the Time Stamping server
  • Tick the "Time Stamp server requires authentication" box
  • Enter your login and password
  • Click OK

The batch

  • On the software home page select "Digitally sign: A folder with PDF documents"
  • Select the folder where your invoices are stored (Source)
  • Select a destination folder (Destination)
  • Tick the "Visible signature box" and "Time stamp document" boxes
  • And finally click on "Apply Digital Signature" to launch the signature of the PDFs

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