picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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201407 - SHA256 hash available on all the products issued by GlobalSign

In July, TBS INTERNET releases SHA256 hash for GlobalSign client and server certificates.

Reminder : Microsoft announced in the beginning of the year its project to suppress SHA1 support on all its products forcing the transition to SHA256 before 2017. It is then important to migrate to SHA256 especially for the products expiring after January 1st 2017.

GlobalSign will totally cease issuing SHA1 certificates as of January 1st 2016.

For which products?

All GlobalSign client and server certificates will have a SHA256 issuing option.

How to order a SHA256 product?

Easy! The ordering process is the same than for classical certificates, no specific handling is required for the CSR generation. Just choose your product, place your order and tick the case 'SHA256 version' on the order form.

What about the tariffs?

The SHA256 versions of GlobalSign certificates are provided at the same price than their SHA1 counterparts. The certificates are the same, have the same functions but simply use a stronger hash algorithm.

I have a SHA1 certificate, can I have its SHA256 version?

Yes. To do so, request your certificate reissuance. As for any reissuance, go on your certificate's status page, click on 'Request reissue' and opt for the SHA256 version.

It is also possible to go from SHA256 to SHA1 via reissuance. Warning though: GlobalSign SHA1 certificates have a maximum lifetime of 3 years. A certificate reissued in SHA1 won't have a lifetime longer than 39 months (there is a risk to loose validity days).

Is there any limitation linked to SHA256 certificates?

Yes, some server and browsers are not compatible with SHA256. See the link below to find out about SHA256 certificates' compatibilities.

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