picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20181031 - Comodo CA becomes Sectigo

In fall 2017, Comodo CA was acquired by Francisco Partners. Since then, they’ve significantly transformed the business to better serve their customers and partners.

Now they taking the next step towards growing our own brand by changing the company name.


The new company name will distinguish them from Comodo (that is still existing and making personal security products) and prevent any confusion in the marketplace.

What is changing beyond the company name

The products names will evolve as well in the next few months and the trust seals supplied by the certification authority have also been re-designed.

What is not changing

Sectigo will maintain all of the existing attributes that have made them the largest commercial Certificate Authority. Even if the products will change names, they will remain fundamentally the same and will keep using Comodo Roots largely recognized by browsers.

What actions will you have to take?

Nothing regarding the certificates but if you are using a Comodo trust seal and want to use the new ones, the change will not be automatic. To get the new seals, see the installation instructions.

Please note that a new trust seal is available for Comodo CA / Sectigo products but the new PositiveSSL trust seal has not yet been released.

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