picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20240527 - GlobalSign updates its trust seal

GlobalSign recently announced the arrival of a new version of the Trust Seal offered with all the authority's SSL certificates.

What changes

First the design. GlobalSign is giving its trust seal a facelift.

Then, the HTML code of the seal also evolves to support the new features of the latter:

  • a click on the trust seal will allow the user to have access to the certificate's extended profile
  • the seal can only be displayed on a site authenticated by the authority
  • the new version of the code will prevent any copying of the seal

The new seal

The new seal, always available in different formats and colors, also offers a dozen languages:


What must be done?

If you use the trust seal on your websites then an update of the HTML code is required. The current seal should disappear before the end of 2024.

When will the new seal appear?

Once your HTML code is updated, the new seal should be displayed within 30 minutes.

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