picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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What are the risks incurred by a non-compliant invoicing?

* We relate here to French standards and laws.

Client invoices

When you send your invoices in a basic, not-secured PDF format via e-mail you do not fulfil the authenticity and the integrity requirements from the national law. If those same invoices are not stored in the original paper format you're breaching the law as well.

  • Tax risk:
    • Invoices rejection and a fine that can go up to 50% of the invoiced amounts
    • Year accounting can be rejected
    • In case of incomplete or improper terms or specifications of the invoice: the tiniest error can lead to a 15 euros fine per invoice (limited to 25% of the billed amount)

  • Legal risk:
    • The organisation's manager can be sued as the non-fulfilment of the invoicing obligations is considered an offence

Supplier invoices

When you include to your accounting invoices that you received in a simple, not-secured PDF format via e-mail you do not comply with all the conditions required for the deduction of VAT.

  • Tax risk:
    • Invoices rejection and refund of the deducted VAT
    • Yearly accounting can be rejected

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