picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Sectigo - automated call back resend

As announced a few months ago, the audit for TBS X509 and Sectigo server certificates are now fully performed by Sectigo.

In the meantime some modifications have been made to the audit process, the more important regarding the final vetting call:

The TBS phone call will be replaced by a Sectigo automated call back: a message will be sent to the corporate contact in order to let him trigger the call and get the validation code.

Reception difficulties

This e-mail sent by Sectigo from the address can be blocked, lost or considered as spam. In this case the audit process is put to an halt and the delivery time can be impacted.

Request a new e-mail

It is now possible to request a new e-mail to be sent directly from your certificate status page.

To do so, go on your status page and click on the "Requesting the return of the callback email" button.

The e-mail is automatically sent, which allows for a better follow-up.

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