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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Installation of a certificate on NAS QNAP

Creation of the private key and CSR

QNAP's QTS operating system does not provide an interface to generate a private key and a CSR. It is therefore necessary to go through a third-party tool. To do this you can use OpenSSL and help you from our help page to create the CSR which will give you the command line to type: Help with the creation of CSR

Once your CSR has been generated, copy and paste it into our order form.

Installation of the certificate

Once your certificate has been delivered, go to the certificate status page, click on the "View certificate" button. Download the file "cert-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx.crt".

In the QNAP control panel, go to System settings, Security, Private key and certificate. Copy and paste:

  • In "Certificate": the entire content of the "cert-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx.crt" file
  • In "Private key": all the content of the private key (.key or .pkey file)

Click on "Download" to finalize the import of your certificate and the private key. Once installed you can test the correct functioning of your certificate using our CopiBot tool available on the status page of your certificate, by clicking on "Test the installation", or by clicking on this link: Test the installation

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